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The Magical, Marvelous Moonstone

by Brittany Adair on March 18, 2021

These moonstones radiate with all the brilliance of a magical moonlit evening, day or night.

With its pearly, opalescent luster and unique lunar-like glow, moonstones have been adorned in jewelry in various cultures for thousands of years. The Romans and Greeks believed these gems to be moonbeams in their solid state and wore them to honor their lunar deities.

From ancient civilizations, to the Art Nouveau period in France, and across the globe in the present time, moonstones are considered a stone of reflection. A powerful gem healing effects, a birthstone, a lucky gem, a sacred crystal – the moonstone has many meanings for many different people. Across all of these diverse cultures, the moonstone has always been a spectacular selection to complement any ensemble with a flourish of eclectic beauty.

The new pieces currently at Romance Diamond are moonstones set in classic sterling silver. The gem set itself was made from the personal selection of a geology professor from the University of Arizona, cultivated over decades of collecting. Now a consultant for a jewelry manufacturing company, the professor said this three-piece suit of moonstones is one of a kind. The unique shapes, colors and sizes of these stones cannot be duplicated. The set seen here is only available at Romance Diamond and you will find no other set quite like it anywhere in the world.

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